Sample Policies & Procedures Template


To standardize and control the receipt, deposit, and recording of cash receipts.

Statement of Policy:

The Company will manage all cash receipt transactions in a clear, accurate, timely, and efficient manner.


Responsibility Action
Accounting, Region Offices, and Various Departments 1. Receive mail with cash remittances. Properly control and code remittances for data entry.
Various Departments 2. Forward the coded cash receipts for deposit and data entry.
Accounting and Region Offices 3. Properly prepare the bank deposit for cash receipts in a timely manner.
Region Offices 4. Communicate bank deposits to the home office accounting department for data entry.
Accounting 5. Accounts Receivable staff will properly record the cash application to the accounting system in a timely manner.

Each procedure set begins with a policy page like this one which outlines "who does what." This page, like all of the pages in POLYPROC™, is fully modifiable by the user to meet your needs.

Accounting Coordinator:

__________, Vice President

Department Procedure:

I. Process cash receipts on [Your Software].

Refer to EXHIBIT I for the daily processing schedule.

  1. Receive and sort the cash receipts into customer and miscellaneous receipts.
  2. Process the customer cash remittances to create data entry batches and bank deposits.

    Refer to procedure AR-3110 for processing guidelines.

  3. Process the miscellaneous receipts to create data entry batches and bank deposits.

    Refer to procedure AR-3400 for guidelines.

  4. ...

Etc. as required. POLYPROC™ contains complete detailed procedures that are fully editable within your word processor to meet your needs. This page template comes with POLYPROC™ for your use in developing procedures from scratch too.

Accounting Coordinator:

__________, Accounting Manager

EXHIBIT I: Cash Receipts Processing Time Table

Time Activity
8:00 * File previous day's reports and listings.
10:00 * Receive and sort cash receipts into customer and miscellaneous receipts.

Etc. - the table continues through the entire process. Many of the procedures contain EXHIBITS, charts, tables, etc. which, again, are fully customizable.